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National Academy of State Health Policy Medical Home State Information - Nebraska

Nebraska Medicaid Medical Home Pilot Program

Nebraska Medicaid Resource Information on Medical Home

PCMH Resource Center - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Nebraska PCMH Stakeholder Group - Senator Mike Gloor

PCMH Overview - American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

Practice Management for PCMH Patient Care - AAFP

Johns Hopkins Medical Home Physicians Course

Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative

Patient Centered Primary Care Training Programs

Becoming a medical home: implementation guides

PCMH Accreditation Programs
Medical Home Recognition and Accreditation Programs


PCMH Managed Care Organizations Programs
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska PCMH "Primary Blue Program"
Coventry Health Care
United Health Care
Arbor Health

Medical Home Literature

Health Improvement Programs
Access Health Columbus - Coordinator of Health Care Improvement (Ohio)
Minnesota HealthScores


Patient-centered medicine: transforming the clinical method. Second edition
Moira Stewart, Judith Belle Brown, W.Wayne Weston, Ian R McWhinney, Carol L McWilliam and Thomas R Freeman 
Emphasizing a whole person philosophy, this volume is a thoughtful, comprehensive and recently updated overview of the patient-centered model of medicine. The book examines and evaluates qualitative and quantitative research on the patient-centered clinical method, including reviews and recent studies.

Challenges and Solutions in Patient-Centered Care: A case book
Edited by Judith Belle Brown, Moira Stewart and W. Wayne Weston
This book presents case studies, drawn from actual experiences, that illustrate the problems and creative solutions encountered in primary care patient-doctor interactions. Topics include palliative care, abuse, dying patients, ethical challenges and self-awareness.

Putting Patients First: Designing and Practicing Patient-Centered Care 
by Susan Frampton (Editor), Laura Gilpin (Editor), Patrick Charmel (Editor)
This important volume approaches patient-centered care from the perspective of the unique Planetree modell, using case examples drawn from hospitals and health care organizations that have successfully implemented the Planetree model. The authors of Putting Patients First are principals at the Planetree Institute. 



UNMC among 4 sites chosen for primary-care training project - November 14, 2013

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