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Pain Management

Pain Management

NeHII Fact Sheet (new - June 1, 2018)

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
As of January 1, 2018, Nebraska’s PDMP contains all dispensed prescription drugs (controlled and non-controlled prescription drugs). This provides prescribers with an opportunity to view all dispensed medications for a patient and serve as a comprehensive medication reconciliation tool.

Registering for the PDMP takes only three simple steps:

  1. Complete the PDMP Access Request Form online at
  2. Complete the PDMP training requirement (approximately 24 minutes) located at Nebraska PDMP On-Demand Training Video. Completion of the acknowledgement at the end of the training is required to “successfully complete” the training requirement.
  3. Complete the registration by setting up a user name and password. Instruction and a link to the Nebraska PDMP portal will be emailed directly to you once you have successfully completed your registration form and training requirement.

Please note: After you complete the registration you may designate licensed health care providers (i.e., nurses of all levels) under the Uniform Credentialing Act to access the PDMP on your behalf.  Prescribers can register designees utilizing the same online PDMP user access form located at  

If you have any questions about the program, please call Davidson Wissing, DHHS, at or (402) 471-0835.

With the primary purpose of the PDMP being patient safety, we hope you will participate!

In February 2016, the Nebraska Legislature passed LB 471, a bill to improve Nebraska's PDMP, or Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. The program will operate through Nebraska's Health Information Exchange (HIE), otherwise known as the Nebraska Health Information Initiative or NeHII. 

LB 471, which will begin January 1, 2017, requires that all controlled substances dispensed in Nebraska be reported to the PDMP.

Requirements include:
Required daily reporting of all dispensed controlled substances by:

  • All Nebraska pharmacies and
  • All mail service pharmacies dispensing to an address in Nebraska,

Preventing patients from opting out of the PDMP, and
Providing access to prescribers and dispensers at no cost. 

Prescribers, dispensers, and dispenser’s designees will need to register to access and view PDMP data. Providers will need to complete the PDMP User Access Request Form and submit it to NeHII at Please note: if you are a prescriber or dispenser and a NeHII Health Information Exchange (HIE) participant, NeHII staff will automatically enroll you for access to the PDMP.  

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If you have questions regarding the PDMP registration process, contact Kevin Borcher, PDMP Director, NeHII, at or

If you have general questions pertaining to the PDMP or opioid misuse prevention efforts, contact Davidson Wissing, DHHS, at or (402) 471-0835.

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