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Join NMPAC by Making Your Contribution Today!

Join NMPAC by Making Your Contribution Today!

Government has shown it can affect the practice of medicine as much or more than medical research. These changes come in the form of rules, regulations, and legislative mandates. It is in our best interest as physicians and patients to take a more active and influential role in the political processes that will shape the future of medicine.

Physicians must be involved in supporting candidates who understand the critical needs of Nebraska’s physicians. Contributing to NMPAC is the quickest and easiest way to make your voice heard alongside your colleagues across the state. Take a stand for your practice, your profession, and your patients and join NMPAC today.

Unlike previous years, all of your NMPAC contribution stays in Nebraska, and a portion is no longer transmitted to AMPAC. Every dollar of your contribution stays in our state to support state legislative candidates who will work to preserve the future of medicine and continually seek to improve patient care and safety.

Any contributions made on behalf of a member physician by a clinic, office, or business must file a Report of Earmarked Contribution (Form B-3) with the NMPAC and NADC ( For more information on filing a Form B-3, please contact the NADC office.

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