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Physician Wellness Resources

Physician Wellness Resources

Physicians at Work

Taking Care of Yourself

Taking Care of Yourself
Taking Care of Yourself

VIDEO: How to Cope with Stress, Fear, and Anxiety During Coronavirus Pandemic
Presenter Dr. Prasanna Tadi, Board Certified in Neurology and Vascular Neurology, is a Stroke/Vascular Neurologist and the Director of Wellness at CHI Health Clinic, and Assistant Professor of Neurology at Creighton University Medical School/CUMC

More Articles/Resources:
How Healthcare Personnel Can Take Care of Themselves 
'Every clinician is also a patient': Study shows psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic on health care workers 
Coronavirus and Mental Health:  Taking Care of Ourselves During Infectious Disease Outbreaks 
"We love to serve others," but Omaha health care workers also focus on self-care during pandemic - Omaha World Herald  
Wellbeing for Healthcare workers during this Coronavirus Pandemic 
How to manage fear and anxiety during Corona virus pandemic 
MOMS Wellness Resources – including online stress assessment & access to career coaching and telehealth counseling.
National Academy of Medicine: Clinician Well-Being COVID-19 Resource Page  

Positive Psychology in Times of Crisis 
Practical Advice and Support from Internists on the Front Lines

Free Meditation Resources:
3-Minute Guided Meditation: Relieving Stress

8-Minute Guided Meditation: Simple Relaxation 
9-Minute Guided Meditation: Sympathetic Breathing Meditation 

Headspace [currently free for healthcare professionals with NPI#]: 
Ten Percent Happier App [currently free for healthcare professionals]:For a complimentary subscription, redeem the gift code (HEALTHCARE) at Then log into the mobile app on your Apple or Android device using the same Ten Percent Happier account and all the subscription contents of the app will be unlocked. Or just go to their Coronavirus Sanity Guide to access relevant free content/resources without creating an account [currently offering free resources] 
Insight Timer Meditation App [free]
Stop Breathe & Think App
Healthy Minds App [currently available free]
UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center posts free guided meditations on their website. They also produce UCLA Mindful, a free downloadable app with meditations of various lengths. Supports include beginner instructions, guided meditations for health challenges, informative videos, and weekly podcasts. 
Peer-Recommended Resources: Relaxation and Meditation Apps (many links)

Free Online Exercise Resources:
Les Mills (e.g., Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Combat, Barre, etc.) on-demand exercise classes [available free]  
Peloton online [currently available free]
50 Best Free Online Workout Resources 
Whole Life Challenge [currently offering a free pop-up challenge for individuals or teams)
Down Dog App (Yoga, HIIT, Barre, 7-min exercise) [currently free with .edu email address]
Fitness Blender (currently free 

Consider keeping a COVID-19 Journal to remember this historical event (some prompts below):
How has this impacted your daily life?
How has it affected your view of the important work you do?
How has spending time at home with family influenced your interactions and feelings toward your family? OR How has spending time home alone influenced your interactions and feelings toward your family? 
What has happened during this crisis that has surprised you in a positive way? What has happened during this crisis that has surprised you in a negative way?
What can you be grateful for in this moment?

Leadership During COVID-19

Leadership During COVID-19
Leadership During COVID-19

The Intensive Care Society (a multi-professional critical care membership organization in the UK) has produced a set of one page printable infographics focused on reminding healthcare workers to monitor their well-being. Posters include "Self Care During COVID 19" and "Advice for sustaining staff well-being in critical care during COVID19". Consider printing these and placing them in your clinical areas or emailing them to your staff.

Sustaining Patient Well-Being During Quarantine or Confinement 
Health Risk and Crisis Communication to Enhance Community Wellness 
Mental Health and Behavioral Guidelines in Preparedness and Response 
National Academy of Medicine: Strategies for Health Care Leaders and Managers 
Healthcare Leadership and Clinician Strategies and Tips for Crisis - Dr Tadi 4-2020

Your Practice's Wellness

Your Practice's Wellness
Your Practice's Wellness

Critical Elements for Business Planning

also see the Financial Resources section of the COVID-19 Resources page.

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