Advocating for Physicians and the Health of all Nebraskans

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Resident/Fellow & Medical Student Membership

Resident/Fellow & Medical Student Membership

NMA Resident Delegate - (Open Position)
M4 President - Hannah Meissner
M3 President - Kevin Brittan
AMA Delegate - Alexander Johar
AMA Alternate Delegate - Abigail Jones
NMA Delegate - Alvina Le
NMA Alternate Delegate - Bahareh Jabbari
Recruitment Chair - Nathan Ostlie
Secretary - Vinootna Sompalli

NMA Resident Delegate - Kaitlyn Brittan, MD
President - Natasha Hongsermeier-Graves
Vice President - Keely Reidelberger
AMA Delegates - Rebecca Anderson & Samantha Cox
NMA Delegates - Jacey Hilbers, Olivia Sonderman, Sruti Prathivadhi-Bhayankaram
Advocacy Chair - Sagar Chapagain
Recruitment Chair - Jon Wood
Residency Symposium Chairs - Jacey Hilbers & Rebecca Anderson
Treasurer - Shannon Hegemann

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Resident/Fellow Section

Resident/Fellow Section
Resident/Fellow Section

Founded in 1868, the Nebraska Medical Association’s mission is “Advocating for physicians and the health of all Nebraskans.”

So, what does that mean to you? Ensuring that you can focus on what you do best . . . practice medicine.

The future of medicine has never been greater. There needs to be a single voice speaking for physicians and the future of medicine. That voice is the NMA. Membership in the NMA unifies the voices of Nebraska physicians. As physicians united, the NMA is able to accomplish things individual physicians cannot do on their own. The NMA is an organization confronting today’s most critical health care issues. As medicine changes and the medical work environment evolves, no single organization in Nebraska has as much potential to play a leading role in shaping the future of the practice of medicine.

The NMA is among the most effective lobbying organizations working with the Legislature providing a physician voice in the development of health policy.  Through grass-roots lobbying, the NMA has established policies which reflect the real-world views and concerns of physicians practicing, or in training, today. In addition, the NMA employs lobbyists to monitor and affect legislative issues on a daily basis.

A major reason why so many physicians believe Nebraska is such a good place to practice is the Nebraska Medical Liability Act. This act limits a physician’s professional liability exposure and in turn helps keep professional liability insurance premiums low.  It was the NMA that worked to have this statute passed in 1976 and it is the NMA that continues to watch out for physicians today.

Membership is the driving force behind NMA’s success – join today. The more members, the more powerful our voice is. The more powerful our voice is, the more that can be accomplished.  By becoming a member, our voice will become even stronger.  Together, we can make a difference.

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Creighton University Student Chapter

Creighton University Student Chapter

University of Nebraska Student Chapter

University of Nebraska Student Chapter
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