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Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Reasons to Belong to the Nebraska Medical Association

Member Benefits

Atlantic Health Partners

Atlantic Health Partners helps NMA members save money on vaccine purchases, provides discounts for medical and office supplies and services, reimbursement support and advocacy, and partipates in the Medicare Part D Vaccine Program.

COPIC Medical Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is available at a 10 percent reduced premium rate for all NMA members.

NMA is proud to work with COPIC as the NMA endorsed carrier for medical professional liability insurance. The Professional Liability Committee knew that when COPIC was selected, it was making a decision based firmly on a partnership in patient safety, rather than solely choosing an insurance carrier. The committee was particularly impressed by COPIC's philosophy of service, financial stability, and legislative advocacy as well as its unequaled focus on risk management. This patient-safety driven philosophy, coupled with the fact that the company was founded by physicians and continues to be physician driven, convinced us that there is a good fit between what COPIC offers and what Nebraska physicians need.

To request an application or a quote, please feel free to contact COPIC, (800) 421-1834.

COPIC's Mission and Core Purpose
COPIC strives to be the premier diversified service organization providing for the medical professional liability insurance and other needs of the health care community we serve. Our purpose is to allow the health care community to devote the greatest possible proportion of its resources to patient care, thereby adding value to health care delivery.


  • Through advocacy, through innovation, and through the commitment and dedication of employees who share our core values
  • Through the creation of a stable market for medical professional liability insurance so as to guarantee availability and affordability
  • Through partnerships with other individuals and/or organizations that share our mission and purpose
  • Through the careful management of our resources and investments

Become the company best known, most respected, and first considered in our market area for finding ways to further support the health care community devote the greatest possible proportion of its resources to direct patient care. When we achieve our vision, we will be perceived as the health care community's best, most trustworthy, and most valuable ally. When members of the health care community see the COPIC name, they will know that they can expect better products, better value, and better service than they could find anywhere else.

7351 Lowry Boulevard
Denver, CO 80230
phone (800) 421-1834 or (720) 858-6000; fax (720) 858-6001; web

Best Card

Best Card is a Nebraska owned and family operated merchant processing service offering competitive rates. Email them at or visit for more information.

DocBook MD

HIPAA-secure mobile messaging at no cost - visit or email

NEbraska Medical Association Insurance Group

The Nebraska Medical Association Insurance Group (NMAIG) is your insurance consultant providing a full range of risk management and insurance services supporting the health care industry. For more information, contact Scott Morris at

Foster Group

NMA has entered into an agreement with this financial consulting firm to manage NMA assets as well as to advise individual members. As an NMA partner, they can serve as personal CFOs for member physicians in helping them accomplish all that is important financially. NMA members receive a no-obligation second opinion on their current personal financial situation.

Have a financial question? Send Foster Group an email: For more information visit

LendKey – Student Loan Refinancing

The average physician can save $38,000 in as little as 15 minutes by refinancing their student loans with LendKey! NMA members get a $300 sign up bonus when refinancing through this partnership.

LendKey is a free service that medical professionals can use to compare new student loan refinancing rates amongst over 320 lenders in the country in a matter of minutes and with no impact on their credit score. By filling out one form, LendKey shows you how much you can save with a lower rate and monthly payment on your student loans, all funded by not-for-profit credit unions and community banks. LendKey is also your partner throughout the life of your loan with a customer service team ready to answer any questions you have from the time you apply until the time you make your final payment.

  • Rates: Student Loan Refinance: 2.66% APR - 7.26% APR; Private Student Loans: 2.98% APR - 9.94% APR - The low rate for private student loans has dropped substantially from 3.94% last month, to 2.98% this month (August 2017)!
  • See what rates and savings you qualify for in under 5 minutes
  • Refinance all education debt, including undergraduate, graduate, private and federal student loans into one, lower monthly payment
  • Funds are disbursed within 3 days

To take advantage of LendKey's offers, please visit


MedjetAssist is an air medical transport membership program for people who travel for business or pleasure, in the United States or abroad. As a MedjetAssist member, if you're ever hospitalized on an inpatient basis more than 150 miles from home, Medjet will arrange transport services to the hospital of your choice in your home country at no additional charge. NMA Members, office staff and their family are offered discounted rates for the Medjet membership. For more information or to sign up for the program, please visit


Advocating for our Physicians

Delivering Knowledge

The NMA Advocate magazine, STAT email communication, and other publications such as the Physician’s Voter’s Guide as well as events and other special communications. Topics include medical liability, insurance reimbursement, Medicare/Medicaid and other current topics. 


NMA advocates for Nebraska physicians and patients at the state and national level. NMA meets with state and national elected officials on a regular basis to educate and discuss issues affecting medicine as well as the impact different legislation will have on patients and physicians in Nebraska.

Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA)

The NMA has been involved with the Physicians’ Foundation steering committee workgroup to assist with development of educational learning tools. Materials will be made available to NMA members via the NMA website this summer.

Nebraska Hospital Medical Liability Act

Nebraska is a more desirable state to practice medicine because of our malpractice cap. This is due to the efforts of the NMA Professional Liability Committee that continues to work with the Legislature, Nebraska Patient Safety Coalition, as well as, malpractice carriers to maintain and protect the cap ensuring the overall safety and protection of Nebraskans.

Nebraska Medical Foundation

The NMA Foundation awards approximately $50,000 in scholarships to medical students annually.

Nebraska Medical Political Action Committee

Our PAC meets routinely throughout the year to identify and support candidates and legislators who understand and are supportive of Nebraska physician and patient issues.

Physician Specialty/Subspecialty Committee

NMA’s newest committee is composed of physician leaders from specialty and subspecialty societies in Nebraska. The committee discusses and examines health policy issues that affect Nebraska patients and physicians

Payor Related Issues

NMA represents the interest of physicians on important topics that include: behavioral health, health care reform, insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, professional liability, public health, rural health, workers’ compensation and many more.

Numerous NMA committees focus on keeping close connections between the medical community and insurers. Members are represented on the Medical Assistance Advisory Committee that meets regularly with the Director of Medicaid and CMS to discuss issues and changes within programs such as: WPS, Medicare’s Carrier Advisory Council that helps influence Local Coverage Determinations; and WPS’s Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group to discuss administrative concerns and provider education regarding claims and payments.

State Senator Meetings

The NMA stays in contact with state senators keeping them informed on legislation important to medicine and patient safety. There are several opportunities throughout the year for members to meet with state senators and discuss upcoming legislation and concerns as well as testify before legislative committees.

Our Legislative Advocacy Breakfast is held annually at the Capitol the beginning of the year providing you the opportunity to meet with senators early in the session. Candidate forums occur in election years providing individuals running for state Legislature an opportunity to introduce themselves to representatives of the medical community. We encourage you to meet with senators individually and have talking points available. To keep you informed during the session, legislative updates and bill


Advocating for our Patients  

Concussion Coalition

The NMA is actively involved with the Nebraska Concussion Coalition that is taking the lead in implementing steps to improve awareness and change concussion management at play, school, and home. Educational learning modules have been developed and are available to all healthcare providers on the NMA website (via the Brain Injury Association).

Health Care Reform

The NMA remains a strong advocate for access to health insurance for all Nebraskans. With the ever changing landscape, the NMA continues to monitor and work with national partners as well as Senate and Congressional officials to weigh in on the pros and cons of such legislation and how it will affect physicians and patients across the state.

PDMP/Opioid Education

Implementation of the POMP system commenced January 1, 2017, with all dispensed controlled substances being reported. Beginning January 2018, all prescription medications dispensed will be required to be reported making Nebraska the only state in the U.S. to have such a system. The NMA continues to partner in offering POMP education. The NMA is working closely with the Nebraska Attorney General’s office on the “Dose of Reality” campaign, assisting with addressing not only the opioid crisis but providing education and outreach on prescription drug overdoses in our communities.

Patient Centered Medical Home Task Force

The NMA’s PCMH Task Force reorganized and began meeting at the beginning of 2017. This reorganization was following the term limits of Senator Gloor, whom was instrumental in advocating and establishing a formalized PCMH stakeholder group. The Task Force continues to focus on specific measures and objectives that will further expand and enhance PCMH care. Nebraska was fortunate to be named a recipient of the CPC+ Round 2 Grant, which NMA is working with BCBS of NE on to acquire practices that will further expand and implement PCMH concepts through physician directed teams providing accessible, comprehensive and evidence-based care to improve the overall health of patients while controlling costs.

Motorcycle Helmet Law

The NMA remains steadfast in the fight against the repeal of the state’s motorcycle helmet law which is repeatedly brought before the Legislature. During the 2017 legislative session, Senator Lowe brought forth LB368. A motion to invoke cloture took place, falling one vote short. The bill was defeated but will likely return in 2018. The NMA continues to be instrumental in the oppositional debate, working with the helmet coalition and partners.

Nebraska Pain Management Guidance Task Force

The NMA is working with the NE DHHS to implement grassroots efforts in understanding appropriate management of pain. The Task Force is comprised of physicians, medical directors, emergency room providers, pain medicine specialists, public health professionals, and others that are dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment to patients while keeping their safety as the primary focus. A guidance document is planned for release Fall of 2017, accessible via the NMA or DHHS websites.

Seat Belt & Child Restraint Use

Advocating for strong laws on seat belt and child restraint use in protecting the lives of Nebraskans.

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