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Leadership Academy Testimonials

Leadership Academy Testimonials

"The Nebraska Medical Association's Physician Leadership Academy has been a formative experience for me coming out of training. Time-after-time older, more experienced physicians would tell me how applicable the skills we learned were to their everyday practice. Essential skills such as active listening, clear communication, and taking feedback were only a few of the topics we touched on. I highly recommend this program to any early in-practice physician looking to elevate their ability to lead others."
Tyler Teichmeier, MD, MLS (ASCP)
Pathology Medical Services, PC

“This has been a wonderful journey of self-reflection. It has given me a scheduled time to look at myself in my current practice and truly assess how I can become a better leader, physician, and partner (at work and at home). Without this schedule, I would have been much less likely to give myself this time. It has also been a wonderful opportunity to meet new physicians at a variety of stages in their professional careers and to learn from their trials, tribulations, and successes. It is important to remember that you will only get out of this class what you are willing to put into it!”
Kendra Lesiak, MD
Dermatology Specialists of Omaha

“I was not sure what to expect when I signed up for the NMA Physician Leadership Academy, but in looking back I am amazed at the personal insight and self-awareness I gained by being open to participate in it.  As physicians, we are looked upon to be leaders of our patients, our staff, our colleagues, our communities.  This has to start with leadership of self, and that is what this course is about.  Our instructor Pam was fantastic, and utilized surveys, books, and individual coaching sessions to bring us along our individual journeys.  A common theme of our cohort in our final session was that not only did we have professional growth, but our personal relationships were positively impacted as well.  Overall, this experience was well worth my investment of personal time.”
Lynette Kramer, MD
Family Medicine/CMO
Boone County Health Center

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