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Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte Restoration Project

Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte Restoration Project


Maverick, healer, trailblazer.

One woman was all these and more to her Omaha Tribe and to others living in the Walthill community. In 1913, Dr. Susan fulfilled her life-long dream of raising $10,000 and building a local hospital. Today, Dr. Susan’s hospital building is at risk. It is empty and in need of restoration.

Currently great strides are underway raising funds to restore the site into a place honoring its history and helping with the needs of today’s community. Once the restoration is complete, the building will provide a place to learn and celebrate culture, providing business opportunities, and health and social services. The restoration project will save and repurpose the structure and serve as a modern day community center helping meet the needs of the Omaha Nation and Walthill community. 

Join us in keeping her legacy alive. Learn more about Dr. Susan by visiting the Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte Restoration project website.


In 2018, the Omaha Tribe, in partnership with the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs, formed a Susan La Flesche Memorial Hospital Advisory Committee comprised of tribal elders, Dr. Picotte
descendants, community leaders, architects, museum professionals, and other stakeholders. A grant was received from the USDA Rural Development for the creation of a master plan which is being used as the basis for raising funds to transform the building into a center for the Walthill community.

To understand current needs, focus groups and town hall meetings were held, and community-wide surveys were completed and analyzed. A master plan was then written that outlined three phases of work for restoring the historic building.


Professional Fees • $157,000
Construction/Renovation • $1,430,000
Furnishings and Technical Equipment • $63,000
Interpretive Displays and Exhibits • $450,000
Total • $2,100,000

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