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Become an Inspire Medicine Speaker

Become an Inspire Medicine Speaker

CALL FOR SPEAKERS - Join the NMA’s 2023 Inspire Medicine Speaker Series 
Stand out among your NMA peers by joining our select group of moving speakers for this year’s NMA Annual Membership Meeting!

Hang onto your stethoscope—you’re about to read a whole lot of awesomeness!

Speakers will deliver five-minute speeches designed to energize, engage, and inspire fellow members, while cultivating new relationships and connectivity within our community.

Trust us, you’ll want to be a part of this—and you have 3+ months to prepare!
Speaking opportunities are open to ALL NMA members including physicians (both active and retired), residents, and medical students. 
Friday, August 18, 2023
NMA Annual Membership Meeting
Nebraska Innovation Campus
Lincoln, NE
What is the Inspire Medicine format?

A stage, a spotlight, and a PowerPoint. (With a confidence monitor!)

Inspire Medicine speakers will follow this format:

  • 5 minutes to speak.
  • 20 slides to support your topic.
  • And here’s the fun part: the slides will auto-advance every 15 seconds!

This is the same format another popular speaker series uses (psst... Ignite's worth a Google to view a host of example videos and how-tos. Here's one to get you started. And another!) 

What should I speak about?

Inspire Medicine speaker topics will fit into the following categories:

  • TRIUMPHS that helped shape where you are today. Bragging allowed! 
  • PERCEIVED FAILURES that spurred growth and helped shape who you are today.
  • PERSONAL CHALLENGES AND LESSONS LEARNED it might not be a perceived failure, but it was HARD. And you navigated it. And you prevailed.
  • HEROES AMONG US Share the story of your personal superhero to inspire others.
  • MENTORS AND INFLUENCERS Little touches have big impact. Tell us about the specific impact they had on your life. How are you paying it forward?

  • HOBBY/OBSESSION Tell us what you love and how your passion inspires you.

  • UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT Give us a story!

Dos and Don’ts


  • Enlighten us with cool ideas.
  • Be gutsy.
  • Have fun.


  • Delve into specialty/technical medical jargon.
  • Hold back—share the stories that inspire!
I'm IN! How do I apply?
  1. Only NMA members are eligible to apply to become a speaker.
    Not a member? Apply for Membership (then come back to complete your speaker application)!

  2. Record a video with your computer or phone to introduce yourself and explain your talk topic/idea.

  3. Email your video to Betsy Jones at Reach out if you'd like a different option (text, Zoom, etc.). We can make it easy!

  4. Complete the speaker application with the name of your presentation, a brief synopsis, and a short bio.

 If you are selected to speak at the Inspire Medicine Speaker Series, we will be in touch. At that time, the NMA will provide tips & tricks (and support) to help make your Inspire Medicine presentation a success!

 Applications for 2022 are now closed. Check back next year! 

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