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If you’re in medicine, you’re in politics . . .

. . . and the old saying still rings true today. As physicians, our primary focus is on the health of our patients and delivering the best care possible. But as rules, regulations, and deadlines take up more and more of our time, it is clear that we must become involved in the political process.

Physicians must be involved in supporting candidates who understand the critical needs of Nebraska’s physicians. Contributing to NMPAC is the quickest and easiest way to make your voice heard. 

NMPAC is the bipartisan political arm of the NMA and supports candidates for office who understand the real impact their decisions have on your ability to practice medicine on a daily basis. Politics is an undeniable factor in all our practices. Those who deny and ignore this reality do so at the peril of us all. The medical profession must mobilize and speak up. We are thousands of constituents and voters and we can be a force if our efforts are coordinated through organization and supported by a committed membership. 

Take a stand for your practice, your profession,
and your patients and contribute today.


Forms and online contributions available at the registration desk during the meeting.

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