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Renewal Update as of 1/4/2021

Renewal Update as of 1/4/2021

January 4, 2021

Per Executive Order 20-10, license renewal is being deferred for certain license types. Expiration dates for these licenses will now appear as 06/30/2021 on License Lookup unless the licensee has renewed. Licenses for these license types may continue to defer renewal until the COVID-19 State of Emergency is lifted.  Postcards will be sent to licensees when renewal is available for their license type (this will occur when the State of Emergency is lifted).​

Licensees who choose to renew may do so beginning in mid-January 2021.
If your license type is not listed, it is not able to be renewed online. Please wait until your license type is listed before attempting online renewal.
To renew online, click the here.

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