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2019-20 NMA Physician's Leadership Academy Now Accepting Applications

2019-20 NMA Physician's Leadership Academy Now Accepting Applications

May 16, 2019

Grow your talents when health care demands more of physicians than ever before. The Physician’s Leadership Academy is an industry relevant, peer-based leadership training program made possible by a generous grant from the Physicians Foundation in association with the Nebraska Medical Foundation. Designed and led by Pam Hernandez, a successful business executive and renowned business coach, the Academy identifies and strengthens 18 creative leadership competencies and identifies and lessens nine reactive tendencies that limit effectiveness at work and in life. Tailored to the needs and culture of physicians and the medical world, the Physician’s Leadership Academy includes one-on-one coaching sessions, know yourself assessment surveys, results-driven immersion, and training seminars.

What participants have said:

“Leadership is about mastering the inner game. Though this is not a course in psychoanalysis, it forces in-trospection in to whether one’s leadership power is personal or positional. Since “leaders bring the weather” it is critical for every leader to first identify their own specific characteristics that could use refine-ment. Through a series of classes, assessments and one-on-one coaching sessions, Pam carefully tailors her educational content to meet the unique needs of each participant. With insightful wisdom and hon-esty, she provides a clear reflection on leadership abilities that can result in increased influence and loyalty. This is a wonderful learning experience and I enjoy every minute of it.”
Elsie Verbik MD
Medical Director, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska

“The NMA Leadership Academy has been an excellent resource for my professional development. It inte-grates teaching the principles of leadership with the real-life challenges and opportunities I have encoun-tered on the job. I would highly recommend this program to physicians in all stages of their career.”
Brian Keegan, MD FACP
Director of Hospitalists, Faith Regional Health System


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