Reasons to Join the Nebraska Medical Association 

Advocating For Our Patients

Childhood Obesity
The NMA actively advocates for our most precious patient population through a special focus on child health and obesity.  The NMA is represented in many groups working in the area of child health such as the Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Advisory Group, the Coordinated School Health Statewide Partnership Workgroup, and Nebraska Action for Healthy Kids.   We continue to lobby state policy makers to take action and address the growing epidemic of childhood obesity in Nebraska.

The Foster Healthy Weight in Youth Provider Toolkit and Resources are available on the Childhood Obesity Prevention Project page of the NMA website.

Health Care Reform
With passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March of 2010, the NMA will keep members informed on how this legislation will impact physicians and their patients.

Motorcycle Helmet Law
NMA has continued to work to fight the repeal of the state’s motorcycle helmet law. This issue is repeatedly brought before the Nebraska Legislature and we remain active in efforts to retain the law.

Patient Centered Medical Home
The NMA’s Committee on Medical Home is working with commercial and governmental insurers to educate and provide information on the NMA Core Principles as the Medical Home concept is implemented in pilot locations across the state.

Patient Grievances
Patient grievances are heard through a review process utilized through the local medical societies with the assistance of the NMA’s Board of Councilors.


Advocating For Our Physicians

NMA advocates for Nebraska physicians and patients by keeping senators informed and educated about issues of interest to the state’s medical community.

Nebraska Hospital Medical Liability Act
Nebraska is a more desirable state to practice medicine because of our malpractice award cap. This is due to the efforts of the NMA and its Professional Liability Committee who continue to work with the Legislature to maintain the cap.

Nebraska Medical Foundation
The NMA Foundation awards approximately $38,000 in scholarships to medical students annually.

Nebraska Medical Political Action Committee
Our PAC meets routinely throughout the year to identify and support candidates and legislators who understand and are supportive of Nebraska physician and patient issues. 

Payor Related Issues
NMA represents the interest of Nebraska physicians on countless committees and commissions on important topics including: Medicaid, Medicare, mental health, professional liability, rural health, health care reform, health insurance, public health, worker’s compensation and many more.

Three NMA committees are focused on keeping close connections between the medical community and commercial and government insurers: Committee on Medicaid Services, Committee on Medicare Services and the Committee on Health Care Insurance and Medical Delivery Systems. Members are also represented on an advisory council that meets monthly with the Director of Medicaid as well as three times a year at the regional CMS level to discuss current issues and changes within the programs; WPS/Medicare’s Carrier Advisory Council (CAC) that helps influence Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs); and WPS’s Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group (POE AG) to discuss administrative concerns and provider education regarding claims and payment information.

State Senator Meetings 
Every year the NMA, in conjunction with our county societies, meet with our state senators to discuss upcoming legislation.

Member Benefits

Associate and Life Membership
Physicians who are semi-retired and have been an active member for five years are eligible for a discounted associate membership.

Physicians who have practiced for 40 years, are fully retired and have been an active member for five years are eligible for dues exempt life membership.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)
The NMA is a recognized accreditor of the ACCME. We accredit providers throughout the state to provide continuing medical education for our physicians.

COPIC Medical Malpractice Insurance
Malpractice insurance is available at a reduced premium rate for all NMA members.

Member benefit that provides physicians with fast, secure HIPAA compliant messaging, vital patient information at the touch of a button and a directory of local pharmacies and NMA colleagues. DocbookMD is available on the iPhone/iPad and Android devices, up to one phone and one tablet.

Foster Group
NMA has an agreement with this financial consulting firm to manage NMA assets as well as to advise individual members. They are available to serve as personal CFOs for physicians in helping them accomplish all that is important financially. NMA members receive a no-obligation second opinion on their current personal financial situation.

Keeping You Informed
All members receive the Nebraska Medicine magazine, NMA Newsletter, STAT (electronic newsletter) and other publications such as the Physician’s Voter’s Guide. Topics include medical liability, insurance reimbursement, Medicare/Medicaid and other current issues.

Student loan refinancing. 

MedJet Assist
Discounted rate on medical evacuation insurance for NMA members, staff and their families.

Membership Directory
NMA members receive a membership directory annually at no cost.

NMAEIC – BCBSNE Group Health Plan
Group health plan available to NMA physician members, their families, and staff.

Practice Related Resources
The NMA provides assistance with regulatory payment issues and legal questions along with access to resources to help physicians address practice issues.

Periodically the NMA offers workshops on topics from the roles and responsibilities of medical staff, risk management and coding.The sessions are designed to meet physician and staff needs as they face the challenges of practicing medicine.