The last renewal for physicians and osteopathic physicians took place Oct. 1, 2004. Beginning with the 2004 renewal there is no longer any grace period in which to renew your license.  LB 242, which was passed by the Unicameral in 2003, requires the following change to the renewal process:

Effective Oct. 2, 2004, all licenses not renewed or placed on inactive or lapsed status will be placed on expired status. Physicians will still have 30 days after the date of expiration (Oct. 1) to renew the license with the addition of the late fee of $25.00. After the date of expiration, physicians are not authorized to practice until the license has been renewed by the department. If a physician continues practicing during that time, they will be practicing on an expired license. In addition, the physician will be assessed an administrative penalty of $10 per day for each day that evidence exists of practice prior to renewal of the license.

This process is mandated by statute, Neb. Rev. Stat. 71-164.01 (Uniform Licensing Law). 

Effective with the 2004 renewal, continuing competency will be required in order to renew to active status.  Physicians and osteopathic physicians will be required to have earned one of the following during the previous two year period in order to meet the continuing competency requirement:
      1.  50 hours of category 1 continuing education approved by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) or the American
          Osteopathic Association (AOA), or
      2.  The AMA Physician's Recognition Award or the AOA CME Certification earned within the last 24 months immediately preceding the date of expiration.

This year physicians can apply for their Nebraska license renewal online at the Nebraska Licensing website at