NMAA Membership Application:

Membership Dues 20011-12:

AMAA $50.00
NMAA $20.00
Resident Physician Spouse    $10.00
Medical Student Spouse $10.00

Your membership in the AMA and NMA Alliance makes you a part of an organization of physicians' spouses united by a common bond of a common goal; to improve the health and quality of life for all people.

Each AMA Alliance member will receive the AMA Alliance Today magazine.

Apply or Renew Your Membership  (Dues deadline December 31)


Rules of Procedures

Nebraska Medical Association Alliance Organized May 1925

Pledge: I pledge my loyalty and devotion to the American Medical Association Alliance and to the Nebraska Medical Association Alliance. I will support its activities, protect its reputation, and ever sustain its high ideals.

NMA Alliance Purpose

The Purposes of the Alliance are:

TO assist in those programs of the Nebraska Medical Association that improve the health and quality of life for all people;

TO promote health education;

TO encourage participation of volunteers in activities that meet health needs;

TO support health-related charitable endeavors;

TO coordinate and advise concerning the activities of the component alliances;

TO assist and encourage active involvement of Members-At-Large in the work of the NMA Alliance;

TO interpret and correlate the aims and purposes of the American Medical Association Alliance;

TO encourage and cooperate with the official alliance organizations of Medical Students and House Officers in areas of mutual activity;

TO serve as a reliable liaison between the medical profession and the lay public.