The Nebraska Medical Association Alliance (NMA Alliance) envisions a healthier Nebraska for all people. The Alliance has a wholly educational and charitable purpose, allowing its members opportunities to directly influence the health of Nebraska.

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Join us in Our Mission:

•   Supporting the Nebraska Medical Association and its legislative endeavors and as its “boots on the ground”

•   Strengthening health initiatives with local impact statewide through fundraising, education and legislation

•   Building community within the Alliance through to unite and empower physician families through social and health awareness activities


NMA Alliance has a proud history of building healthy communities across our state. Here’s a snapshot of our progress:

•   1922: The Auxiliary of the American Medical Association forms in St. Louis

•   1925: Mrs. Francis A. Long of Madison, Nebraska proposes an Auxiliary for doctor’s wives with the purpose “to advance, through the wives of doctors, the aims of the medical profession, to assist the entertainment at all medical conventions and promote acquaintances among the doctors’ families.”

•   1926: The House of Delegates of the Nebraska State Medical Association recognizes the Auxiliary to the Nebraska State Medical Association. There were 225 paid members @ $1.00 - $225.00. There were six counties organized: Pawnee, Madison, Stanton, Pierce, Antelope, Adams, Merritt, Phelps and Fremont.

•   1927: 100% membership with 7 more local auxiliaries formed: Dodge County, Omaha, Holt County, Jefferson County, Fairbury, Lincoln County and Washington County. A donation of $100 was given to the Nebraska University Hospital for the Children’s Sun Parlor via the Tuberculosis Association.

•   1948 The Nebraska Medical Foundation was established. Over the years fund raising by the auxiliaries provided for scholarships for physicians in training and research.

•   1970s: Name changes to Nebraska Medical Association Auxiliary following the American Medical Association Auxiliary’s lead.

•   1993: Name changes to Nebraska Medical Association Alliance in 1993, believing the name, “Auxiliary” was a deterrent to male, career and younger members.

•   Today: the Alliance unites local alliances to empower physician families and advocate for a healthier Nebraska. 


From humble beginnings as prairie doctor wives, to the diverse membership of today, the NMA Alliance continues to evolve with its membership and community.

Join NMA Alliance today, and take part in building a healthier Nebraska and supporting the physician family.


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