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NMA Statement on Affordable Care Act, June 28, 2012

The Nebraska Medical Association remains committed to ensuring health care for all Nebraskans. As advocates for the health of all Nebraskans, NMA member physicians will continue to provide quality health care to all citizens, regardless of insurance status.  

We firmly believe that health care for all should include an emphasis on preventative care, wellness and personal responsibility of the patient. We support provisions to ensure that health insurance access is universal and portable and we understand the need for appropriate cost controls. We also believe in a strong physician/patient relationship in medical decision making.

In 2008, the Nebraska Medical Association contributed to a bill, the Health Care Accessibility and Affordability Act, introduced in the Nebraska Legislature that was the result of nearly two years of discussions with health care related stakeholders. We still believe that the recommendations included in that legislation, including that all Nebraskans be covered by a health plan, are valid and crucial in health care reform. 

Nebraskans Favor Health Coverage for All, Fear Losing Theirs
2008 Survey of Nebraskans on Health Care Issues
Recommendations of the Nebraska Medical Association's Health Care Reform Task Force  

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